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Amicable Divorce

If separating couples have shared priorities or are able to work together to determine a path forward, there are a range of alternative dispute resolution options available including mediation or collaborative practice to help you begin a new, independent future.

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Divorce Litigation

Often couples disagree or cannot communicate to determine how to shape their future outside of court. In these instances, you'll need an experienced lawyer who will fiercely represent your interests on matters ranging from child custody to support.

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Our Family Law Services

Family Law

Our firm will help you navigate your family through tough emotional, financial, and family issues.

Collaborative Divorce

In matrimonial law, there can be an obstacle course of issues.


When matters in a divorce need to be settled in family court, our attorneys are compassionate, commanding advocates.


Keith Family Law provides experienced mediation and mediation support.

About Keith Family Law Group

Cristin-Andrea Medina
Cristin-Andrea Medina
20:53 05 Mar 19
Ms. Velazquez was assigned to our family visitation case in mid January 2019. She swiftly reviewed our case file, set up a settlement conference, and finalized our demands with the New Jersey court by the end of February. Ms. Velazquez is a professional who is committed and competent in her responsibilities. We are eternally grateful for her urgency with our family matter.

Our family law firm has years of experience in handling both amicable and adversarial divorce cases. Whether you need a guide through a cooperative separation or a results-driven advocate in court, our firm has an attorney prepared to handle the nuances of your unique case.

We know how divorce can tear families apart, driving wedges between spouses and their children. Divorce law issues such as alimony, child support, equitable distribution, child custody, and parenting schedules, can be complicated and stressful to negotiate. That’s not even including the complex emotions that can come with a divorce. All of these factors can make your separation far worse than it needs to be. We have years of experience working with clients from Westfield, New Jersey and beyond, helping guide them through all of the delicate issues that can arise in divorce and family law.

From Our Clients

We’ve worked with families in a wide range of cases and scenarios. Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have said about working with us.

“I’ll put it simply – I could go on and on about how great she was and how important the efforts and professionalism of a divorce attorney are, but truthfully, I couldn’t have had a better person working for me.”


“Heather was on top of every single detail about my case and my situation. She answered all of my questions no matter how many of them I asked or whatever time it was during the day, and she was also sure to follow up and check in to see if I had any other questions or concerns. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to get me through a hard time.” K. P.

“Not only did Ms. Keith help me resolve my case (in my favor) but she also helped me understand what I needed to do for myself and for my child to keep our lives moving forward in a positive direction. I would highly recommend Ms. Keith to anyone!” Kat

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